Keep Your Siding Free of Pollen and Algae

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At first, you may not notice pollen and algae buildup-it often starts in the damp corners of your siding, then spreads across your walls. One week, your siding is completely clear, while the next, it's covered in a film of tacky green and yellow.

Humid days and an active pollen season allow the buildup to grow. Over time, it can stain your siding or damage untreated wood, which is why professionals encourage a cleaning each spring.

Schedule a pressure washing service with us today, and CBS Painting will rid your home of that unwanted staining before it gets worse.

3 benefits of pressure washing your exterior

3 benefits of pressure washing your exterior

Pressure washing does more than just rid your siding of that unsightly green and yellow tint. It will also:

  1. Enhance your curb appeal-pressure washing removes years of built-up grime and makes your home shine in the process.
  2. Remove harmful mold-algae and pollen look bad, but mold can cause major damage.
  3. Discourage future buildup-a clean home makes it hard for bacteria to stick, so your home stays cleaner, longer.

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